Found A Job

So, after about 3 different interviews – one in Manhattan, one in Brooklyn and one in the Bronx, and no job, I started to get worried. I easily called and sent my resume to more than 75 schools in Manhattan, with all telling they have no openings at this time. I started to fear that […]

Training Finished

Ok, so I have a lot to write about since I haven’t written in a while. The day my training began, I severely sprained my ankle/foot, tearing muscle and everything, so I spent my entire month training on crutches. It’s been tough. The school I was sent to, a high school in Washington Heights, was […]

Interviews, Training, Job Offer

So, today is the last day of training. For weeks, no jobs appeared to be available in my assigned borough of Manhattan. I had sent my resume out to more than 75 schools, all of which told me there were no openings. The Fellowship, who had initially told us there’d be jobs opening up in […]

From Cush to..

So, it’s Friday, Sept. 21, the last day at the television job I’ve had for the last 7 years. I loved working for television news. It was easily the best job a person like me could’ve had — I was able to totally absorb myself in news; watch national and local news all day on […]


I am an ESL fellow part of the New York City Teaching Fellowship which means, assuming I can get a job, I will be teaching English as a second language in some grade between K-12, in either Brooklyn, Manhattan or the Bronx. Usually they require ESL fellows to have 1 year to 6 months of […]