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Crunch time

If you happen to be in the NJ-area this weekend and see a young woman typing away with furious abandon looking terribly stressed and talking to herself, you may just be witnessing my personal freak-out as I try desperately to finish my thesis. Ever watch a perfectionist writer on a deadline? Not a pretty picture. If words were flesh and sentences blood, my laptop would be a massacre scene.

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yes, I am

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Anyone know how teacher sabbaticals within the NYC DOE work? I think I have mentioned that my professor is applying for funding so that we can turn my thesis research into a real study. I’m so excited but I wonder how I will do the work for it with having a job and all (assuming I don’t get laid off, of course).

I can’t wait though. I am hoping I will be able to use the research when I apply for a doctorate. I finally decided that maybe instead of trying to find a program on the east coast that hasn’t been corrupted by Chomsky’s approach and formalism in general, I’m going to apply to NYU’s TESOL or Education program. I’m not sure which degree is more valued, but I think it will give me more freedom in terms of my research.

I recently told my professor how whenever we meet and talk, all the million ideas and thoughts in my head start to make sense and I get a new awareness. She said she feels the same talking to me! I was floored! Her confidence in me gives me hope for the future :) I hope I do the same for my students.

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