Contribute to the next ESL/EFL/ELL Blog Carnival (#19!)

Update 9/11/10: I am back from vacation and back into the swing of school, as many of you are. So, if you’ve sent a submission — not to worry — I received it, but if you’ve been waiting to send, please hesitate no more! :)

The 19th edition of the ESL/EFL/ELL Blog Carnival is looking for your contributions! Deadline is Sept. 27th. For many of us who teach in schools, the carnival will be coming out at the start of a new school year, so many of you may have that on your mind. What’s great about the Carnival, though, is that it brings together teachers from many different contexts, student age levels, countries, years of experience, and perspectives.

Like many of the previous carnivals, there is no overarching topic for the 19th either, but I have come up with a few ideas for mini-topics to hopefully get your fingers typing. Your posts can be to share great experiences and ideas, resource recommendations, your personal reflections, as well as the knotty questions that still plague you.

  • The issues/experiences surrounding standards & teaching ESL/EFL in a world of “Englishes”.
  • Teaching beginners of English
  • Posts written with the needs of new teachers in mind
  • The particular social emotional learning needs of newcomer/immigrant ELLs
  • Use of web 2.0 technology with ELLs
  • Experiences of/perspectives on non-native English-speaking teachers of English
  • Cross-cultural exchanges in the multilingual/multicultural classroom
  • Experiences with ELL students or teachable moments that changed you as a teacher/person

Consider these as springboards for writing. It’s an eclectic list intended to bring forward different kinds of teachers, not as a way to limit anyone.

Note to general education classroom teachers:

If you have ELLs in your classroom, you teach ELLs, even if you aren’t a trained ESL teacher. So, I hope you consider posting for this carnival as well. Sharing your experiences/frustrations can be helpful for you, but also for ESL teachers who support teachers like you. If you’ve never written about the ELLs you’ve taught, consider yourself invited to do so!

You can submit directly to me here, via my contact form or you can submit via the Blog Carinval form here.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Blog Carnival, check out the most recent one, #18, on David Deubelbeiss’s blog (he even has a random blog generator!), and visit all previous carnivals on Larry Ferlazzo’s site.

6 thoughts on “Contribute to the next ESL/EFL/ELL Blog Carnival (#19!)

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